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Julia Keil 

German born and raised globally in countries such as Israel, America, Hong Kong, Korea and England,  Julia has always sought to capture the core beauty in fleeting moments with sensitivity, connection, poetry and presence. For the past six years, she has had the pleasure of photographing multiple memorable events and beautiful souls around the world allowing her to grasp the true essence of her surroundings and the individuals before her lens with professionalism, empathy and feeling. 

With a background in art and documentary, Julia shoots in both digital and film and  endeavors to translate the natural and spontaneous emotions with warmth, romanticism and joy. Her images will not only capture your story but the details and a deeper meaning that may otherwise go missed. 

Aside from photography, Julia loves collecting quotes and writing thoughts that stumble out as poetry, befriending friendly, furry, four-legged creatures, hugging trees, naming plants, seeing faces in everyday objects, swaying to songs, listening, laughter, waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, cake and apparently, writing about herself in the third person.

Julia is currently based in Paris, France and is available for assignments worldwide. She looks forward to connecting, creating and commemorating. 

Want to see more of her personal work? Well then, click here :) 

Words of Warmth

Julia did an excellent job taking photos of a surprise proposal to my girlfriend during our trip to Paris.  At first, I thought it could be challenging to plan everything being so far away and trying to capture the proposal.  Julia couldn't have made it any easier to work with and was great helping coordinate the special moment.She stayed in contact leading up to the date and our evening went off without a hitch.  The photos she sent to me were awesome and I can't express how much I appreciated her being so easy to work with for this big moment. She went above and beyond my expectations! I highly recommend Julia's work to capture photos of a special occasion and create long-lasting memories! 

Brad & Molly 

Julia is a very skillful photographer and knew how to make us, the bride and groom, feel very much at ease on our special day. She knew exactly which locations were the most appropriate and we were impressed by her tact, her timing and all-around professionalism. It was a pleasure to have her as our wedding photographer.

Nikhil and Virieno

Julia fit into our family straight away. She was open and friendly but at the same time, unobtrusive. We were all relaxed in her presence and it shows in the photographs she left with us. I enjoyed meeting her, not just because she gave us those amazing photographs, but because we connected well and had fun together. 

Julia has an eye for detail, for moments which might appear mundane on the surface but in which she can grasp the opportunity to capture profound emotion, however fleeting. She has given our family a priceless gift. A week on which we can all look back and see the love which has graced our lives, wrapped in its  patterns and rituals, traditions and fleeting moments. I can’t thank her enough for the series of photographs she took for us. There can’t be many families who have such an evocative record of the meaning in the minutiae of their lives.

Yvonne, Andy, Amber & Meghan 

It was a fun relaxed day walking around Paris and being photographed with Julia. She was very professional, giving me advice on how I should act to get the best photos and at the same time made me feel relaxed to be in front of the camera (which I’m actually quite uncomfortable with)!
The photos turned out great, such nice light, and taken in a very creative but still natural way. And at the same time it was such a nice opportunity to explore the hidden streets in Paris! 


Normally, many of the corporate events pictures I've seen in the past tended to come out quite flat but Julia is always able to put some feelings in there capturing the best moments and faces and enhancing the event to the point that in the end the event itself ends up having its own character.

Beatrice from Ferretti Group 

Julia is a wonderful photographer who I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

 I’m not normally comfortable in front of a camera but Julia made both my wife and I really feel at ease during our pre-wedding shoot with her relaxed, fun, (yet professional!) demeanour.

 We were really happy with the final product as Julia’s talent for finding the right angle/light/setting helped us create a collection of superb photos that were a great mix of candid and formal.

 Thank you for the great photos, Julia!

Nick & Karen